Welcome to the digital companion for The Undocumented Everyday: Migrant Lives and the Politics of Visibility. Click the chapter titles below to explore digital content for the book.

Photo from the Workplace Project as part of Unseen America, a project of Bread and Roses, 1199/SEIU.

Chapter One

"We See What We Know": Migrant Labor and the Place of Pictures

Chapter Two

The Border's Frame: Between Poughkeepsie and La Ciénaga

Chapter Three

Visible Frictions: The Border Film Project and the "Spectacle of Surveillance"

Chapter Four

Refusing Disposibility: Representational Strategies in Maquilapolis: City of Factories

Chapter Five

Disappearance and Counter-Spectacle in Sanctuary City/Ciudad Santuario, 1989-2009

Chapter Six

Reconfiguring Documentation: Mobility, Counter-Visibility and (Un)Documented Activism

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